What We Do

Lifestyle Mortgages provides expert advice and a wide range of flexible and competitive finance options for when its time to purchase your next property.

Our knowledge and experience helps maximise your borrowing capacity while ‘saving’ you time and money.

Researching & Sourcing

Lifestyle Mortgages research and source the best loan for you from our extensive database. Our service can assist you in obtaining approval for standard residential and investment loans, equity loans, professional finance packages or discounted interest only loans.

Free Credit Report

Lifestyle Mortgages offers their clients a smart, trouble-free way to a better mortgage by giving them a free credit rating report. It only takes 15 minutes to discover what your credit rating is and then you can shop with confidence for your next property purchase. Ask us how easy it is to find out your credit rating.

Property Valuation

In many cases Lifestyle Mortgages can obtain a valuation on your current property or the one you are planning to purchase prior to lodging a loan application. The combination of the valuation report and the credit report works as a great indicator as to the success of your loan application.

First Home Owners

Lifestyle Mortgages understands how confusing buying a property can be for first home buyers. So we've come up with some great ways to make home ownership easier for you. Our experienced consultants will guide help you apply for the government grant and assist you in obtaining the finance package that's perfect for you. So let's get started

Refinance existing loans

Lifestyle Mortgages can show you how structuring your existing home loan can save you money and help you access the equity in your current property so you can grow your property portfolio and you don't even have to change banks! Call us today and see what a difference we can make to your lifestyle.

Business & Commercial loans

Are you launching a new business initiative, growing your existing company or investing in shares? Our experienced team is here to help you with handpicked solutions that will help you build your wealth and realise your goals with a capital boost with flexible repayment and interest rate options. Contact us today and discover your best options.

Lo Doc & Non Conforming loans

Self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses are now able to obtain loans without providing financial records and taxation reports. Lifestyle Mortgages can show you how simple the application process is so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business. Contact us to find out much time and money you can save.


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Our after settlement our service continues with Lifestyle Mortgages monitoring market trends and new products enabling us to keep you informed of opportunities that may save you money.
If you are in the market for refinance or a new loan or just wish to have an indication of how much you can borrow please contact us and we will assist you in obtaining a loan that is tailored to your lifestyle.

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